Nourished by Science is all about generating high-quality, evidence-based information about nutrition as it relates to the prevention of chronic diseases.

Part of my mission is to publish free content on my YouTube channel and my website. It is important to me to do this in a way that is independent of financial considerations.

I therefore do not engage in sponsorships, affiliate marketing, consulting agreements, or any other partnerships with interests in the nutritional, supplement, or pharmaceutical industries.

I have also made a commitment to adhere to the highest standards of science communication. Every piece of content is thoroughly researched, as I would do for a scientific publication, and I provide all references in a blog post that accompanies each YouTube video.

If you value my content and my commitment to independence and scientific rigor, I'd be honored if you made a small contribution to support my work (if you are comfortably able to do so).

Thank you very much.

Warm wishes,

Mario Kratz, PhD
Founder & Director
Nourished by Science LLC
Seattle, WA

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